Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 for 30 Challenge

This challenge was started by Kendi over at KendiEveryday, here . This is such a great challenge to get you to use what you have in your closet instead of going shopping everyday, which I found myself doing lately. If you haven't heard of the challenge, the rules are very simple:
 1: Choose 30 items from your closet: tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes
 2: Create a new outfit everyday
 3: No Shopping!

 This should be very interesting for me as I continue to get larger! I may end up bending the rules a bit or swapping some of my original pieces for items that I can fit into.
 I will stay true to the no shopping rule!
 My plan is to start this challenge September 1. Only a few shopping days left!
Please feel free to join in the fun, I would love to see some of your outfits! Just leave a comment in the comment section with a link to your outfits!
 Here are the items I have chosen (I do own an iron, I promise!!)

From Left: Blue Print Top: Target, Red Stripe Shirt: Thrift, Red Shirt: Motherhood, Rose Shirt: Consignment, Pink Shirt: Thrift
From Left: Black Shirt: Gifted, Black/White Striped Sirt: Motherhood, Blue Tee: Target, Tan Shirt: Ross, Black/White Layered Top: Gifted
From Left: Pink Shirt: Motherhood, Black Tee:Target
From Left: Blazer: Thrift (Ann Taylor), Purple Cardigan: Gift, White Cardigan: Ross, Grey Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT, Purple Cardigan: Target

From Left: Grey Dress: Ross, Striped Tube Dress: Ross

From Left: Shorts: Motherhood, Capris: Motherhood, Navy Skirt: Thrift, Teal Skirt: Thrift, Black Maxi: Thrift

From Top Left: Black/Brown Wedges: Ross, Brown Sandals: Target, Silver Flats: Ross, Flip Flops: Rainbows

I will try to take a picture everyday of my outfits and do one post a week including the last week's outfits.
Wish me luck and happy mixing!!


  1. Angela,
    This challenge looks like so much fun! I would love to join you! Great job getting started on your blog and congrats on the new baby. Let's Keep in touch :)

    1. Thanks!
      I can't wait to see what outfits you come up with!


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