Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Growing Pains

Ahh growing pains! I am feeling them from every direction, literal and emotional! These last few days have been extremely bitter sweet! Aside from the actual growing pains from peanut #2, my little sister got hitched this weekend and yesterday was Ainsley's first day of preschool. I am not generally an overly emotional gal, so I'm going to blame my raging hormones for the abundance of tears in the last 5 days. Who knew watching my little sister walk down the isle, dance with our dad, and do the Cha Cha slide would be so emotional, I sure didn't. The uncontrollable sobbing that ensued while watching the father/daughter dance caught me completely off guard. So Saturday happened and I dried my eyes and put on my big girl panties. Sunday rolls around and I lose it just looking at pictures from the wedding. Oh boy! Monday went off without a hitch and I'm thinking I'm back, enough with this emotional crap! Well, seeing your little girl run so eagerly into a classroom without a second thought, or hug or even "bye Mom", will rip your heart right out of your chest! I am happy to say that this morning went much better, I even got a long kiss on the cheek before I left! Growing pains suck but are necessary. I am just lucky to watch it all happen, even if it is gone in just a flash! Here are some pictures from, apparently some of the saddest, last few days! Seriously, how gorgeous is she?!
This guy always knows how to cheer me up!
And now my baby!
P.S. if anyone has figured out how time travel works, hit me up!!

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