Monday, September 10, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

This post is inspired by Sydney over at The Daybook.  I absolutely love her site!
I thought I would do my own awkward and awesome because honestly, there is a whole lot of awkward going on at almost 8 months pregnant!


  • Trying to shave my legs and almost losing my balance and falling out of the shower.
  • Attempting to paint my toenails, only to remember the shaving incident. Toenails can wait (unfortunately, shaving cannot!)
  • Having to pee literally every five minutes! 
  • The wide-eyed stares I get from random people, and then the even wider eyes when I tell them I still have until November.  (I have a very small torso people!)
  • Trying to pick anything up off of the ground. I have found a way to accomplish this and let me tell ya' it's not a pretty sight (one leg straightened out to the side while I attempt to lower the rest of my body)
  • A elderly lady at a restaurant asking if I was having a boy.  Me politely correcting her and her telling me there was no way and to "turn around", I did as she asked and her response what "oh I guess so".  I'm still trying to figure out how my backside was able to reveal the gender of little miss!

  • This new candle I just bought that smells like pumpkin pie! I may be jumping the gun a little but the smell is SO worth it!
  • Getting to wear my new burgundy (NON-maternity) pants. Love them!
  • Ainsley telling me that she wants to be an animal doctor and a Momma like me when she grows up! (I am only the Momma part, not the animal doctor)
  • Ainsley singing "You're the best around" to me in the car (note: this was right after buying party supplies for her birthday but I will gladly accept the gratitude)
  • Football Sunday! I can't explain how happy I was! (The Panthers lost, but they still played!)
  • I get to see this little peanut on Friday! I'm pretty excited to see how she's grown! The last time I saw Ainsley before she was born was around 17 weeks, so, being 31 weeks should be quite a different picture!

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