Thursday, September 6, 2012

Update from the Peanut Gallery- The big 3-0

No, I don't mean 30 years old, I mean 30 weeks preggo!!
Just thought I would give a little update on how the little peanut and I are doing:

  • Weight gain: I've done really well this time around and have only gained a total of 13 lbs!! (WAY less than when I was preggo with Ainsley) 
  • Baby girl likes to dance! I mean seriously, I don't think she ever sleeps!
  • Sleep-HA! When I'm not getting up to use the bathroom, I'm trying to get comfortable all the while, she is busy doing jazzercise in my belly!
  • The good ole' doc called today to inform me that I have a slight case of anemia. Time to double down on the iron, sooo yeah that should make my bathroom trips non-existent! Sorry TMI!
  • Stretch Marks- Unfortunately, they haven't gone anywhere since my last pregnancy! Bummer!
  • Belly Button is popped like a turkey timer
  • My mood has been pretty good other than the small amount of stress I am under to find a new place, hopefully before this kiddo makes her debut!
  • Nursery-see above! Thinking about this makes my head hurt! All I want to do is decorate a nursery but you can't decorate something you don't have! Fingers crossed this next week or so will be productive on the home front!
  • My energy level is pretty high!  I guess right now I don't really have a choice, between Ainsley's preschool and choir practice, my school work, cooking, and housework (or intentions of doing housework but really blogging) I don't have time to think about how tired I am!
  • I am now seeing the doc. every two weeks, which should make time really fly by (hello anxiety!).  Next week I have another ultrasound to make sure this old placenta of mine has gotten out of the way, so fingers crossed, and I'm really excited to get to see peanut again! 

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  1. i love your colorful dress!!!

    happy 30 weeks fellow 30 weeker :)


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