Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby Girl

I can't begin to explain to you how much your Daddy, sister, and I love you already!  We talk about you all the time, and we can't wait to meet you and hold you!  Ainsley is especially excited.  You are a very lucky little girl to have such a great big sister already!  They say you are growing right on track and that you should be between 6 and 6 1/2 lbs. and that your heart sounds very healthy!  Ainsley and I look forward to each doctor appointment where we get to hear your precious heart!  They also say that if you were born now you would be A-O.K.!  Our bags are packed, your room is spotless, and your family is waiting with open arms!  So, whenever you are ready!  I know that we are!  We love you and would love for you to make an appearance sometime soon!

Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for another High Five for Friday!
It's been a pretty quiet week but still a very good one!

1: My brother and his wife are FINALLY having a girl! After 3 boys, this girl is going to be spoiled rotten and very well taken care of!

2: I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before or not but I'm kind of a HUGE fanatic about decorating, especially for the holidays.  We finally finished our yard, just in time for Halloween! ( I say just in time because I like to enjoy it for a while! Seriously, just wait until Christmas!)
The crazy thing is, you can't even see everything that's in the yard!

3: I'm 36 weeks! Only 1 more week until I am considered "full term"!!!!  That is such a wonderful thing to hear!  I am so ready to meet this little girl!
4: Speaking of little girls, the one that I currently had, left, grew skates and skated back as this big girl who can do all sorts of big girl stuff!
She is also a girl after my own heart!  I think she may like to decorate more than me (if that's possible!) She was so excited to put up the Halloween decorations, she just had to have her picture with some of them!

5: ONLY 1 MORE WEEK UNTIL I'M FULL TERM!  Oh, I said that already, who cares, I'm stoked!  I'm also extremely exhausted, out of breath, I waddle when I walk, have swollen feet, really the list can go on, in other words, I'm ready to have this baby!!

Hope your week was just as wonderful!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shop Update

So you may be aware that I started a little Etsy boutique called Peanuts with Paci's, well it started at SugaBooger, but I was never really fond of that name!  I changed the name to Peanuts with Paci's because it fits me and my little family much better.  I currently have one peanut who just turned 5 and another on the way.  The 5 year old has always (and may always) loved her paci's.  I know that some of you may turn your nose up at the fact that she is 5 and is still using a paci, but I really don't care!  It hasn't affected her speech (trust me!) in any way and her teeth are just fine!  I figure she will just give them up on her own eventually, I really don't want to deal with trying to take it from her (pick your battles, right!) especially when I have a newborn on the way and sleep is already a very scarce thing!

Anyway, enough ranting about pacifiers!  I have finally added a few new items to my shop and would love for you to check them out!

We are offering free shipping through October with the coupon code "FreeFall" at checkout!
Also, I am going to put together a give away soon, so keep an eye out!
You can also follow us on Facebook for frequent updates and offers Peanuts With Paci's

Thursday, October 11, 2012

WIWW-Thursday Edition

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for another WIWW, except it's Thursday! Oops!  I had this post ready but was just so busy yesterday that I never got around to posting it!  However, I did add a few more items to my Etsy shop!  We are offering free shipping for the entire month of October just type in the coupon code "FreeFall" at checkout!  You should take a peek!
Now, onto WIWW, I'm still trying to get into the habit of taking photos of my outfits everyday, so I apologize for the lack of outfits, but hey, I tried (and I'm pregnant which has turned my brain into goo, so trying to remember things is tough right now!)
Dress: Ross
Cardigan: LOFT
Boots: Target (old)
Leggings: Motherhood
Watch: Target
Lipstick: Revlon Blissful Berry (it's new and I LOVE it!)
This is the first and last time I have the husband take my outfit pictures!  He is NEVER serious, so I'm not sure why I thought he would take this seriously!

Shirt: Motherhood
Pants: Motherhood
Watch: Target
Scarf: Walmart (I couldn't believe it but they had some really cute scarves for $5!)

Well there it is! I got dressed all of two days this week!  I will try harder next week, now please excuse me while I go and try to walk a baby out of my body!

Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Lauren for another High Five for Friday!
This week has really flown by and I am absolutely O.K. with that! It means I am that much closer to holding little miss in my arms (and out of my ribs)!

1: Being 34 weeks preggo!  That's 8.5 months and only a few more WEEKS (we are counting weeks now, not months!!)
2: FINALLY adding some new items to my shop, check it out here
3: Making pumpkin cookies, and having the silliest helper!
4: This may not count for this week, but Sunday is supposed to have a high temp. of 68! That's such a great sight after a week of mid 80's!
5: Finally getting my house (somewhat) organized and peanut's room finished!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fabric "Wall Paper"

So a few posts ago, I mentioned that I had recently applied fabric to the walls in the nursery since we aren't allowed to paint.  Well I thought I would do a quick tutorial out there for those who might be interested in this temporary alternative to paint.
Before I started on my walls, I did a lot of research (or Google search) on how this was supposed to go down.  Unfortunately, I only found a few sites with any information on this.  Each site had a different technique as to how to apply the fabric and starch to your walls.  I ended up trying just about every technique and will share with you the most effective.

First you need to gather your materials:

  • You will need A LOT of liquid starch and I would also suggest getting a bottle of spray starch ( you don't need more than one because you can just refill)
  • Fabric- I ended up buying 3 twin size sheet sets from Wal-Mart.  With a little patching here and there this ended up being a perfect amount for the small room we were working with (it was also more cost effective) If you do purchase the sheet sets, you will need to alter the fitted sheet by removing the elastic and seams at the corners then cutting the sheet into three strips.  If you choose to purchase fabric from a fabric store make sure to measure your walls floor to ceiling and corner to corner to ensure you get enough (make sure to leave an inch or two extra on all sides!
  • Paint Roller and Paint pan
  • Tacks
 Once you have gathered all of your materials you can get started.  I found that tacking the sheet/fabric up to the crown molding (or ceiling) made it easy to starch the walls and apply the fabric.  So, tack your fabric up, the load your roller with the liquid starch.  Hold the loose fabric away from the wall (have someone else hold it up or drape it over a chair and stand under it.  You don't need a ton of starch on the bare walls, so don't worry if you miss a spot here or there.  Once you have starch on the wall under the fabric, let your fabric down.  It's alright if it doesn't lay flat at first, it is extremely workable.  Run your hands over the fabric to help flatten it to the wall and smooth out any wrinkles you can.  Next, really load up your roller with starch (this is where you really need to drench the walls/fabric.  Roll the starch over your fabric until it is saturated.  Once the entire piece is wet, start smoothing it out with your hands.  I found that if you work from top to bottom and left to right it is much easier.  So, smooth it out (note: if you tacked the fabric to the ceiling or molding there may be a gap between the fabric and wall at the top, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS!  We will come back and fix this!)  Once the entire panel of fabric is starched to the wall and the wrinkles are smoothed out, go back and take the tacks out of the ceiling/molding, the fabric will be heavy so you will need to re-tack it but this time, to the top of the wall itself.  (We tacked it higher in the beginning to ensure there was enough fabric at the top of the wall)  By moving the tacks to the wall, this should eliminate any gap between the fabric and wall!
This photo was taken before we moved the tacks down and you can see the small bubble at the top of the fabric.  We were also working on paneling which had large grooves!  So, this is what your starched fabric should look like at this point.  Continue this process until all of your walls are covered.  If you used sheets you will want to trim any hemmed edges, just because these make the seams on the wall more noticeable.  
The walls should dry within a few hours, I put a box fan in front of each wall.
This shows a dry panel next to the wet panel.  So if you are worried about any imperfections showing under your fabric, don't because once it dries, the fabric will cover it.  You can also see the seams from where we had to piece fabric together.
Once all of your panels are dry, you will want to go back and trim any access from the top and bottom.  This is where the spray starch comes in handy!  You will need to remove the tacks from the walls and get either scissors or a utility knife.  I used a combo of both, plus my rotary cutter.  Trim your fabric as close to the ceiling or molding as possible.  Don't worry if your fabric pulls away from the wall, this happens a lot!  Once your fabric is trimmed, go back with the spray starch and spray any spots that have pulled away and smooth them back down.  You can also go back and smooth out any wrinkles by re-wetting the area.
I know it may sound like a lot (and to be honest, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world) but it was totally worth it, especially if you can't paint your walls or just want a temporary fix that is easy to remove.  Once the fabric dries, if you want to remove it just start at a corner and peel it away from your walls!
Here is a finished wall in our nursery!
It's not perfect, but it is SO much better than the ugly paneling!  Also, FYI I read on other websites that you can dip your fabric panels in the starch and skip rolling it on the walls.  I do not recommend this method.  We tried it and, while it was a bit easier to apply the fabric, once it dried the fabric was extremely wrinkled and it didn't look as good as the penels that we took the time to roll on!

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