Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shop Update

So you may be aware that I started a little Etsy boutique called Peanuts with Paci's, well it started at SugaBooger, but I was never really fond of that name!  I changed the name to Peanuts with Paci's because it fits me and my little family much better.  I currently have one peanut who just turned 5 and another on the way.  The 5 year old has always (and may always) loved her paci's.  I know that some of you may turn your nose up at the fact that she is 5 and is still using a paci, but I really don't care!  It hasn't affected her speech (trust me!) in any way and her teeth are just fine!  I figure she will just give them up on her own eventually, I really don't want to deal with trying to take it from her (pick your battles, right!) especially when I have a newborn on the way and sleep is already a very scarce thing!

Anyway, enough ranting about pacifiers!  I have finally added a few new items to my shop and would love for you to check them out!

We are offering free shipping through October with the coupon code "FreeFall" at checkout!
Also, I am going to put together a give away soon, so keep an eye out!
You can also follow us on Facebook for frequent updates and offers Peanuts With Paci's

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