Friday, December 7, 2012

Where has the time gone?!

Holy Monoley! It's December, and December 7 at that!  Where a has the time gone?  Life has been pretty hectic and the days have sort of meshed together in one long string of feeding Harper and taking Ainsley to and from school!  I feel like that is all I do now.  Don't get me wrong, life with these two little girls is wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing, but boy is it hard sometimes!  Who would have thought that taking care of two children would be hard?!  On top of non-stop feedings and spending time with Ainsley, I am also still taking classes!  Online classes are beneficial at times, however, this whole no break EVER is really starting to wear me down!
On a much happier note, it's almost Christmas!!  I love this time of year and Ainsley shares my affinity for elf culture  excitement!  Obviously, we have been tuning in to the 25 Days of Christmas movies!  So far Ainsley's favorites have been Elf (of course!) and Home Alone.  I didn't think it was possible for me to like Elf any more than I already do, but when there is a 5 year old sitting next to me laughing so hard she has tears coming down her face at the same things I am laughing just as hard at, makes it very easy to fall in love with the movie all over again! (Also, how awesome is Ainsleys sense of humor!)
I still have quite a lot to do before Christmas, taking pictures of the girls in front of the Christmas tree being high up on that list!

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