Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Funny Valentine

(Disclaimer: You may want to grab some crackers to go with all the cheese in this poem!)

This picture was from Valentines Day 2010 and I was SO sick!  We really need more pictures together!

To My Funny Valentine:

Roses are red,
the Tarheels are wack.
I love you,
to the moon and back!

You love me for who I am
You're kinda awesome like that!
You always have,
for almost 9 years to be exact!

You are an amazing man,
with a kind and beautiful soul.
I'd be lost with out you,
I know it's corny, but you make me whole!

Our love is special,
it has no end!
Thank you for being a great father, husband
and my very best friend!

Happy Valentines Day!
You make me smile with my heart!

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