Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fool me once!

If you were to look at these pictures you would probably assume a few things.  One, that it was pretty warm outside, I mean I am wearing a skirt, and two that I am wearing these sunglasses for the sole purpose that they were intended, to keep the sun out of my eyes.  Well you my friend would be wrong!  It is NOT warm outside!  See, I had the same assumption for the past two days, I woke up to a beautiful sunshine and just knew it was going to be warm.  I got up yesterday and put on some jeans and a short sleeve shirt (no jacket), got Ainsley ready for school, jacket and all (?), then stepped outside and froze my buns off!  Not today, I'm on to you weather, and your tomfoolery!  I may be wearing a skirt here but I am also wearing leggings underneath!  Fool me once, shame on you!

As for the sunglasses, well little miss Harper has started flipping from her back to her belly when she is going to sleep, yet she can't seem to get to sleep on her tummy.  This has lead to several night awakenings, just when I got used to sleeping through the night!  It's like her whole body is against me! I go in and flip her onto her back, insert paci and sneak away, only to have her immediately grab said paci pull it out of her mouth and flip back to her belly.  It's like her body has a mind of it's own because it is clear she does not like any of it!  This ends when I finally turn down the monitor and let her figure out how to sleep on her tummy.  Which she does, but only after putting up a pretty big fight!  So the glasses are not only for the sun (which is hopefully here to stay) but also to hide the ginormous bags under my eyes!
Sweet, sweet relief!

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  1. Love how the yellow belt lends the perfect pop of color

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  2. Love this look!!! U really make me want a long black skirt and the belt makes it!! Sweet lil babe u have. :)

  3. Thank you! I would highly recommend a black maxi! It is so comfortable and versatile!


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