Wednesday, March 13, 2013


You've heard the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, blah blah blah"  Well life has apparently planted a flipping tree smack in the middle of our house!
This past Saturday night a man decided it would be a great idea to forgo the road in lieu of the sidewalk and smashed into a light post.  Amazingly the man was perfectly fine and completely sober!  However, the light post was obliterated along with the power for our entire street.  When this happened, Scott and I were watching my man Justin Timberlake on SNL and out of nowhere it sounded like we were being bombed followed by complete darkness!  We both ran into each of the girls rooms (until I started thinking clearly and stopped us from waking them up) and made sure they were alright!  Our power was not restored completely until Sunday evening.  Then we found that we had lost several items due to the power surge!  Several lamps, a TV, wireless modem, cable box, coffee maker these were only a few of the items that fell victim!  We are finally getting things back to normal and have replaced most of the casualties.  I am just glad no one was hurt and thankfully it wasn't too cold outside that would have made it unbearable without heat.

Then, last night happened!  Around 10:45 Ainsley woke up and got sick, ALL. OVER. EVERYWHERE.  Poor baby was so scared and felt so horrible!  Scott and I got her and her room cleaned up and tried to put her back to bed.  However, she wasn't able to keep anything down and she and I were up most of the night!  As horrible as it was I did get some great snuggles and Ainsley has stayed in good spirits!  So that's where we are now!  I'm just praying that Harper doesn't catch this and that our little lemon tree up and packs it's bags. Until then bring it on, I've got lots of sugar and can make a mean lemonade!
On the mend!

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