Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lordy, Lordy, look who's old!

See those little leg rolls, they are kind of my favorite!

It really hit me today that it's going by WAY too fast!  Let's just slow it down now Missy!

A few updates:
Baby is still fat! 15.4 pounds to be exact, you go girl!
24.5 inches long, in the 60% range (she does NOT get that from me!)
She loves oatmeal, bananas, and boobie milk.  We tried apples but girl was not having it!
She is still loving her jumperoo and she wants jump ALL. THE. TIME. 
She can sit for a few on her own but slowly face plants onto the floor.

I'm so sad that she is growing up so quickly but I am so excited to watch her learn new things everyday!  I love you pumpkin!

If you like her headband you can pick one up here!


  1. My little guy is 4 months too. He can't roll over tho.. she's adorable!

  2. Thanks! She just started the rolling! We aren't sure how we like it yet though! As I mentioned in another post it is leading to quite a few night awakenings, BOO!


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