Thursday, April 25, 2013

aaaannd Target Stikes Again!


Seriously though, juice, and some how I ended up with an outfit for Harper that she absolutely HAD to have didn't need, a shirt for Ainsley, because well, Harper got a new outfit and it's only fair (right?!), and a candle that smells SO good I can't keep my face out of it! I am not condoning my recent behavior but if you have a Target within driving distance get there now and pick up the Pure/Clean/Soy candle in Pink Magnolia and hurry because there is a very possible chance that I will wipe them out!
I think I need help, a Target intervention maybe!  

I do have to pat myself on the back for passing up on this absolutely adorable jumpsuit for Ainsley (it was so hard I tell you, so hard!)
I may or may not have already made a deal with myself that if it's still there next week I will get it!
Ahhh see!  I am planning trips to Target a week in advance now!  So, I am officially going on strike (for at least a few days, I mean did you see that jumpsuit?)

At least I got the juice right!  Well played, Target, well played!


  1. hahah! i have YET to leave target with a receipt under $50! i can get lost in there for hours and find things that i absolutely need at that moment, but obviously can live with out! its a conspiracy i tell ya!

  2. I'm like that at Costco. I go in for ONE item and $200 later! Darn them with their samples and demos! haha


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