Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Munchkin Must Haves: 2 and 3 Months

A few weeks ago I participated in a "Preparing for a little one" link up with Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals.  I received several emails about this post and questions about other items I have found to be helpful, so I decided to do a monthly feature.  These will be things that I have used with both of my girls or things that have made the second go 'round so much easier!

1 / This teether has been a life saver! It comes with a nice case to keep it clean when you aren't using it.  It has soft little "teeth" that massage baby's sore gums and it seems to really relieve the pain!  We put Harper's in the freezer and, aside from the massive amounts of drool, this thing is wonderful!

2 / I'm sure you have seen or heard of the Bumbo.  It is definitely all it is cracked up to be!  It is wonderful to free up your hands for a few minutes (I'm not recommending strapping the babe in and peacing out, but it is nice to at least have two hand for a minute!) I will say though that Ainsley LOVED her Bumbo and would use it all the time, even as a make shift high chair for a while.  Harper, on the other hand, likes it alright but quickly, and I mean quickly gets tired of it!

3 / Any hooded towel is nice to have, but I really like this Circo owl towel.  Not just because it matches her nursery, but also because it is thick cotton and not super thin like a lot of baby towels are.

4 / If your little one takes a paci, a paci clip is an absolute must!  You can only pick the paci off the floor SO many times before you want to chuck it out of the window!  This paci clip is cute with the ruffles and holds that paci tight so it is always within you or you babe's arms reach.

5 / I have had this sound machine for both girls (two different, but same model).  I used this until it ran out of steam when Ainsley was 3!  It is wonderful!  It has several different sound settings to choose from, we like the ocean, and it has a projector that shines onto the ceiling above the crib.  You can choose from three different slides, Hey Diddle Diddle, Ocean Scene, and birds.  This is wonderful to drown out noise and when the baby gets a little older the projector gives them something to look at!

6 / The jumperoo, ah the jumperoo!  I don't know if I can say enough about this wonderful thing!  Ainsley literally lived in this thing!  From birth she (actually Harper too) would push off with her feet and all they want to do is "jump".  We put both girls in this probably WAY sooner than recommended!  We had to put pillows under their feet so they could reach, but let me tell you once their feet connected with something, they would go to town! It is so much fun to watch as they squeal and jump!

7 / So both of my girls had baby eczema and couldn't have any perfumes or dyes in their lotions or bath wash.  Harper's only affected her face, but Ainsley still has skin issues!  This bath wash is super gentle and has tea tree extract which helps calm not only eczema but also cradle cap!  Did I mention it smells wonderful? Oh I didn't, well it does! 

8 / What little girls doesn't need an adorable tutu? I loved this onesie so much I am about to get it in a larger size!  It's soft cotton with a cute little tutu on her rump!

Well that's about it for 2-3 months!  I will try to post 4-5 month must haves soon!

What couldn't you live without during the 2-3 month age?

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