Friday, April 5, 2013

Preparing For a Little One

So the adorable Kaitlyn recently found out she and her husband are expecting their first child.  She decided to host a weekly series to help her get ready for life with a little one!  I am no expert, but thought she may benefit from some of the things I have learned as a mom of two. Some of these things other people have told me and others I have learned on my own.

The first week of her series is all about registering.  What to you absolutely MUST have, what would be nice, and what to not bother with.

I will start with my must haves.  These are things that I absolutely wouldn't have been able to live without with both of my girls.


1- I know a lot of people talk about swaddling your baby and how helpful it can be.  Well I am not here to disagree one bit!!  I have had the pleasure of having both an extremely colicky (fussy) baby and a very happy baby, both of which LOVED the swaddle.  I did learn my way around the MANY different swaddling blankets though!  With Ainsley (my first) it was about a month in when I found the Miracle Blanket.  This thing was sent from heaven! Other swaddles were never "tight" enough and would always come loose, not the Miracle Blanket, that baby was wonderful!  I recommend getting AT LEAST two for when you need to wash one!
2- You are going to need a diaper disposal of some sort.  Many people use the Diaper Genie, which I have heard is great.  I on the other hand prefer the Diaper Champ.  If you are a family on a budget I highly recommend this, as you don't need to purchase "special" refills like you do for the Genie.  You simply place a kitchen trash bag into the base and, if you prefer, some sort of odor absorb-er such as baking soda, I skip this step as the Champ does a really good job holding in all odors!
3- If you are planning on breast feeding, lanolin cream is an absolute MUST those first few weeks.  I will be honest, those first weeks can be excruciating, especially if baby doesn't latch properly! The lanolin cream gives relief to those sore nipples! I am not really recommending any specific brand but I used Lansinoh and really liked it!
4-Whether you decide to breast feed or not you are going to need nursing pads!  During those first few weeks your body is producing milk on overload and trying to figure out how much baby is eating (or not eating) and you are bound to leak ALL. OVER. EVERYTHING.!  This is where nursing pads come in to play.  There are different absorbency levels to choose from, I recommend getting super to start and go from there.
5-The last must have is the snap and go swing.  I used the Graco Snugride car seat,which is awesome in itself, it clicks right in to this swing.  This thing was a life saver when we would come home and baby was asleep in her car seat.  You would just take the seat out of the car and click it into the swing and baby would continue to nap!  I also really liked this swing because it it small and doesn't need it's own corner of the room!

Preparing For A Little One

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