Monday, June 17, 2013

Pin It & Spin It >> Round 3

Week 3 of Pin It & Spin It and we are going strong!
Jenn will be gracing us with her (impeccably styled) presence for the remainder of June!
Here is our pin for the week.
I love the different directions we all took this look!
Make sure to check out Melissa and Jenn to see more on their spin!

Oh and don't forget to link up (anything will go) and make some new friends!

Now, on to my take:

Oh, and the next time I decide to wear a blazer in the middle of June, just go ahead and slap me will ya!

Ainsley was bombing the mess out of these pictures!  I had to include at least one!

Or maybe two!
Shirt // Target
Blazer // Thrift
Shorts // Walmart
Shoes/Sunnies/Watch/Earrings/Bracelets  // Target

 photo pinspinbadge_zps1a1f21b2.jpg 

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  1. Um, love your shoes!! Why have I not seen those at T lately?? And, I'm losing my mind...thanks for helping me out so late last night! Love your pics with your cute girly too!! (and my shirt is from TJ...forgot to include that info last night:)

    1. Thanks! It was no problem, I'm glad you got everything to work! I actually got the shoes last year.

  2. Great outfit!! You pull off that blazer oh so well :)

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  3. Thank you Lauren! I love your linkup and I would love it if you would link up with us! :)

  4. Love the blazer too. I keep thinking of adding one and then realize it is summer. Forget it!

    Come link up with me at Watcha Wearing Wednesday!

  5. Hi Lovely... I am your newest follower from Bloglovin Blog Hop. Love your awesome blog!
    Followed you via Bloglovin' & FB. Feel free to follow me @

  6. I'm totally with you on the blazer in summer thing. I think, oh this would look great with a blazer, and then I remember I live in Texas. Boo! Thanks for linking up with the BEST OF!!!
    xx, Kristen

    The Mrs. and The Momma


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