Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Munchkin Must Haves >> 6-9 Months!

Yowza!  It's been 3 months since my last Muchkin Must Haves post!  Time to play a little catch up!  I have put together a list of things that have made our lives easier these past few months.
I love you through and through - This is such a cute book!  Harper loves books with drawings where the faces are really big.  She is getting more interested in looking at the pictures as opposed to tasting them.
Michael Jackson Onesie - Don't stop 'till you get enough! I love this onesie, but onesies in general are a must have around here now that Harper is crawling.  As much as I would love to put her in a dress every now and then, it makes it impossible for her to crawl.  So, cute onesies are a staple!
Hylands Teething Tablets - I love any natural remedy as opposed to medicines.  These teething tablets have been a life saver!  When Harper first started teething I was giving her Tylenol but really didn't like giving it to her every night. I was skeptical at first but super impressed at how well they work!  They last for a long time too!
Paci Wipes - These are great to keep on hand.  Harper doesn't take a paci but has just started playing the "throw everything on the floor game", so these are nice to have to clean up her toys when she launches them onto dirty store floors!
Munchkin Baby Food Maker - I have mentioned in the past that I make all of Harper's food and this thing has been essential in doing so.  I am using it less and less now, just because Harper is able to eat chunkier foods, but in the beginning this was great for pureeing her food, and it's cheap!

Dino Ball Popper - Harper is much more interested in playing these days.  She loves this ball popper and dances along with the music.  The large opening also makes it easy for littles to learn how to put the balls into it.
Edge Cushion - Harper has been pulling up on EVERYTHING!  These cushions make that a whole heck of a lot safer!  We put them around the fireplace to keep her busy little noggin safe!
Duck Spout Cover - We have had this since Ainsley was a baby, but there are cuter versions out now!  Either way, a spout cover is really important with a mobile one.  It keeps them from bumping into the hard and sharp edges of the bathtub spout.
Outlet Covers - I love these outlet covers.  Unlike the old outlet covers, these are SO much easier to remove (for adults) but still keeps littles from playing with outlets.  
Walk Behind Stroller - Harper is on the cusp of walking and this is such a cute little toy!  It is weighted enough so she can pull up on it without it flipping over.  Plus she can put her little dolls in it and push them around.  She is still learning how to move with it but we are getting there!

 I am sure I am missing something, but for the most part these are some of the items that have really been helpful so far!

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