Friday, September 6, 2013

I hear my babies calling my name and I know that they're the only ones

So it's super late in the week to do a weekend recap but oh well!  Technically Monday was part of the weekend so I am only 3 days late!

This past weekend Scott and I flew to Atlanta to meet up with his Aunt and drove down to Alabama to spend the weekend on the lake. 

We had a blast, so naturally here is a photo dump!

Our view from the house!

And from the boat

Scott took driving the boat very seriously, as he does most things!

The sunsets on the lake are unreal!

Our last day had a lot of rain, and this happened!  

It was so so hard to leave, but once we were on the plane "I was hopin' for Raleigh, I can see my babies tonight".  Coming home to them made leaving the lake much easier!  

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend as well!

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