Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And Just like that...

My sweet Harper Shay turned one, ONE!!

 I am still asking myself how this happened so quickly.  People say it all the time, cherish every moment because they go by so quickly.  I know all of this, but quickly doesn't truly describe how fast this year has gone by, I would say lightning speed is much more appropriate. 

Ainsley's first birthday seemed to come really quickly, but I was prepared, mentally, emotionally, and physically (ya know, the party and all).  Here I am with Harper and her first birthday pops up, I was an emotional wreck for about the first three hours of last Friday.  Maybe it's because I do have Ainsley and everything else that has to be done.  I mean Harper's first year consisted of traveling back and forth to Ainsley's preschool, my school work, keeping up with housework, the shop, and now homeschooling Ainsely.  There was little time to just focus on Harper and Harper alone.  I had my moments, and made sure I made those moments if they didn't just happen, but it just didn't seem like enough time to fill up a year! But, just like that, whether I was ready or not, my baby is now a ONE YEAR OLD!

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  1. What a cutie, just found u & seeing this!!


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