Friday, January 17, 2014

Not having a computer freaking suuuucks!

For real though, it sucks!
I know when I normally come back from a blogging hiatus I have some reason that I've been super busy, and while that is true, there is another road block in my way!
A week or so before Christmas my laptop screen died! Guys, I don't know what I did with myself before the internet! I was having withdrawals, it was bad!

I wanted to blog about our Christmas, which was wonderful but a train wreck and would take an entire post, I also wanted to post my New Years resolutions (bummer I know). 

Well, thankfully Scott was able to bring home an extra work computer! I was so excited, I jumped right on to write my "catch up" post, only to find that this computer is a complete P.O.S.! It wouldn't let me type, so naturally my next option was my phone. But let's be honest, unless you are checking instagram or Facebook using the internet on your phone is a pain!

Finally I came to my senses and I am now using Ainsley's (yes Ainsley) tablet. Santa went a little crazy this year.  which really is only a small step up from the phone!

So while I am getting my blogging fix, unfortunately I have no pictures to go with it (wah wah). So you should probably just follow me on instagram @ahacreations to see what we are up to! 

Hopefully we can gt this computer mess under control and I can write blog posts that don't look super long and boring!
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