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Hey! Thanks for stopping by!  I'm Angela, I am a 26 year old wife and stay at home mom to two beautiful girls.  My family is my world and I would do anything for them!  We live in the little town of Garner, NC (any American Idol lovers may have heard of our little town when Scotty McCreary won a few years ago).  I am in school getting my BA in Interior Design, so if you need any help in that area (wink, wink)!

I love spending time with Scott and the girls, games (I'm extremely competitive!), horror and comedies are my favorite movie genre's (I DO NOT like to cry, especially from a movie, so I can generally do without chick flicks, even though I do love them!), I absolutely LOVE Motown, Sam Cooke to be particular, he is A. Mazing!, reality TV is my weakness, oh and so is shopping!

I started this blog to document my latest pregnancy and create a sort of "scrapbook" since I am horrible at actually keeping a scrapbook! I write about pretty much everything from being a stay at home mom, redecorating, fashion, or whatever else floats my boat!  Hope you enjoy reading and choose to stick around for a while!

My Silly Family


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  1. Oh my, how cute are your girls! I love your 'silly life' and look forward to reading more.
    -Wendy @effiegirl.com


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